Hello! I am ALNA.

Soulful Music
Awakening Souls...

I Write & RECORD TO remind  why we are here…

i am Singer & songwriter –
the voice & the guardian of Angelic Softness.
I make soulful music for every moment of Your life!


I am ALNA, Lithuanian in London aspiring to Unite Humanity, to come closer to the Creator.

I am a peaceful warrior singing to inspire to love life, live dreams and fulfill our purpose.

I am ALNA, Your sister with ambition, attitude and ability, a rebel, who stands for truth, love and unity, to inspire and give hope for every soul on Earth.

I sing, I stand and live for One Love Nation.


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Tell your story

Enter details of your story suchas special moments, shared memories, places visited, and why you love that person!

I create your song

ALNA – award-winning songwriter will create your personalized song from scratch using the details you provided.

It's that easy!

You’ll receive your song. Studio recording, a video performance, a dedication or all of them.

ALNA's Albums

Streets Of Gold

Acoustic Solo Album  (2022)

Hey You!

Indie Rock Album with Phil Sorrel (2021)

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